Touge Distribution Australia

Touge Distribution Australia

Touge Distribution Australia are no longer a vendor on ClubITR.

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  1. Roy says:

    please, do NOT buy from these people.

    I had a long-standing order with them running about 9 months starting in 2010. I totaled an order of about $10,000.00 usd in parts. Everything from Backyard Special/FEEL’s/J’sRacing etc…

    I had wonderful communication with them all the way through. They were very helpful and got me part numbers, sent me pictures of my parts and all seemed well.

    On 9/27/2011 i received an email from them saying my order was ready for dispatch. i paid the shipping required and then the trouble started. They informed me what ship my order would be coming on (Ocean freight to Hawaii) and i tracked the boat on Google maps on its entire voyage. Well at the end of November when the ship turned back to the far east without stopping in Hawaii i started asking questions. I called the alleged shipping company and started asking questions from Touge Distribution.

    They finally tell me that they cant ship ocean freight with their company to Hawaii. Then asked me if i could find a shipper myself to help them out. I was able to secure a company that was willing to go and pick up my parts in Chiba, japan where they claim to be located. Ive asked them several questions since then and they have ignored me ever since. I have asked them why they would just steal all my money like that and they straight ignore me.

    I have no recourse as i can see it, except to let EVERYONE else know about it. Please save yourself the trouble. This was not my very first order with them (i placed several prior to this with no issues)

    Its now May of 2012 and i have nothing to show for all my money.

    -i’m not the only one who’s had issues with them-…-your-Doorstep!

  2. Cameron Bentley says:

    I was ripped off by Touge Aust but with the help of NSW Department of Fair Trading was able to recover $2112.44 for undelivered items. Try contacting them for help.

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