JSCC Gymkhana Training Day 3 December

JSCC is proud to be holding their first Eastern Creek Gymkhana Training Day on Saturday, 3 December 2011.

JSCC Gymkhana

A “gymkhana” is a motorsport event that tests a driver’s car and their skills in negotiating a small course set out on a flat sealed or unsealed surface. JSCC has chosen Eastern Creek’s wet concrete skidpan for this purpose as it is the premier autotest venue in NSW, probably Australia.

Each ‘test’ requires the driver to start and finish in a ‘garage’ and not hit any ‘markers’ on the way around the course or take a ‘wrong direction’ as both of these errors incur a time penalty. Ultimately, you want to find the fastest way around a test, in particular by using the handbrake or throttle to ‘rotate’ the car around a marker.

Each test takes 30-40 seconds to complete and your time for each run is recorded on the timing sheet that you will carry in your car. For an idea of the possible tests we might be running on the day, check out the CAMS Motorkhana Handbook. Don’t worry, it is a training day so we won’t make you do some of the really complicated ones!

As this will be a timed event, you will need to have a CAMS L2 licence and be a CAMS car club member. JSCC members will be given priority.

Pre-registration and some important feedback is required, please pre-register using this form.

Please let us know if you wish to take pictures or footage of the event as a non-competitor so we can provide you with further details.

Hurry! Spots are filling up fast!!

For more discussion, check out the event thread here.

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